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Surface Navy Association Annual Symposium - Jan. 10-12, 2017, Arlington, VA, Booth 1201

Sea-Air-Space Exposition - Apr. 3-5, 2017, Oxon Hill, MD, Booth 1350

• International Workboat Show 2017 - Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2017, New Orleans, LA, Booth 1349

Carbon Multi Ladder (CML) in Police Magazine

The Carbon Multi Ladder (CML) is the latest addition to the extensive REBS line of tactical climbing tools. Similar to other REBS ladders the CML is assembled from a variety of section with quick connect pins. The length of the ladder can be easily customized to the climb at hand. The CML can be use as a leaning ladder, suspended from hooks, or horizontally across a span. The CML was recently featured in Police Magazine's Product News section and full details can be found in the most recent REBS catalog. Click Here to view the current REBS catalog.

References: Recent and Upcoming Deliveries

Recent Deliveries

• NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson

NOAA Oscar Dyson initially used the ship's deck crane to launch and recover The Peggy D., a 27' workboat. However, NOAA wanted to improve crew safety and ease of operation when launching and recovering the workboat. NOAA decided to outfit the ship with a dedicated davit and selected a Vestdavit HNF-8500 dual point, 8.5T SWL workboat davit. The davit has a flexible hook distance so NOAA can use a variety of dual point pick workboats with the same davit. Along with the davit, Scan Pacific NW also supplied a Henriksen dual point hook system with integrated painter hook for installation on the Peggy D. workboat. The hook system allows the small boat crew to release the lifting hook and painter from the helmsmen’s position. The davit and hook system were installed in February 2016.

• US Coast Guard – Bay Class Ice-breaking Tugs

Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit are supplying nine PLA-2000 davits for use on each of the USCG's Bay class ice-breaking tugs (140ft WTGB). The PLA-2000 is a single point, rescue boat davit with a 2T SWL. The PLA-2000 is also constructed primarily from aluminium to reduce weight. The USCG wants an easy retrofit and the ability to easily move the equipment to other vessels as the WTGB 140 tugs age out of the fleet so the davit, HPU, and controls are mounted on a skid to simplify installation of the system. The davit on the USCG Morrow Bay (WTGB-106) was commissioned in August 2015 and the davit on the USCG Penobscot Bay (WTGB-106) was commissioned in February 2016. The davits for the USCG Bristol Bay (WTBG-102) and USCG Sturgeon Bay (WTGB-109) have been delivered to the USCG.

• US Navy – Freedom class LCS ships


Following a successful delivery of the boat handling systems on the USS Freedom (LCS-1) Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit have delivered the boat handing systems for all subsequent Freedom variant LCS ships. Systems have been commissioned onboard the USS Fort Worth (LCS-3), USS Milwaukee (LCS-5), USS Detroit (LCS-7), and USS Little Rock (LCS-9) and delivered for the USS Sioux City (LCS-11), USS Wichita (LCS-13), USS Billings (LCS-15), USS Indianapolis (LCS-17), and USS St. Louis (LCS-19). Each LCS ship is equipped with a Vestdavit TW-4150 tow winch and a TDBE-2200 rescue boat davit. The TDBE-2200 is a single point, telescoping, electric, 2.2T SWL davit used for launch and recovery of the ship's rescue boat. This davit is fully SOLAS compliant and has an integrated UPS for deadship operation.

• NOAA Ship Fairweather


In the summer of 2013 Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit supplied four HN-9000 dual point, 9T SWL, workboat davits to the Fairweather to replace the existing work boat davits. Since 2003, the Fairweather has also used a Vestdavit PL-2500 and a P-3600 for the ship's RIBs. The retrofit of the Fairweather follows an earlier, similar retrofit of NOAA Ship Rainier.

• M/V Aiviq – Royal Dutch Shell


The M/V Aiviq operates in tough, arctic conditions and needed boat handling equipment up to the task. In 2011 Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit supplied the M/V Aiviq, on long term lease to Royal Dutch Shell from Edison Chouest Offshore, with a PLR-3600 single point, 3.6T SWL RIB davit and a PAP-9000 single point, 9T SWL, FRC davit equipped with an anti-pendulation docking head.

• NOAA Ship Rainier


The Rainier has been operating a Vestdavit P-7000 workboat davit for nearly 20 years, since 1995. Due to the reliability and ease of use of the existing Vestdavit system NOAA selected Vestdavit equipment when it came time to replace the workboat davits and RIB davit on the Rainier. In 2010 NOAA replaced the existing, non-Vestdavit, workboat davits with four HN-9000 dual point, 9T SWL davits and the RIB davit with a PLR-3600 single point, 3.6T SWL davit. The existing P-7000 workboat davit is still in use by the Rainier today. 

• M/V Nanuq – Royal Dutch Shell


In 2010 Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit supplied the M/V Nanuq, on long term lease to Royal Dutch Shell from Edison Chouest Offshore, with a PLR-14000, single point, 14T SWL workboat davit. The M/V Nanuq needed one davit to handle multiple boats, so Vestdavit designed a sliding cradle system to launch and recover both of the Nanuq's 34' workboats from only one davit.

Upcoming Deliveries

• NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson

NOAA Thomas Jefferson is replacing two workboat davits with two Vestdavit HN-9000 dual point workboat davits. The davits in production for the NOAA Thomas Jefferson have a 9T SWL and are similar to the davits Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit have supplied for other NOAA research ships but have a dual winch and PLC control as added features. The dual winch and PLC control improve ease and safety of launch and recovery operations and widen the operational window. The davits are in production and scheduled for delivery in September 2016.