Test and Evaluation Request

Scan Pacific NW is please to offer operators the opportunity to arrange a test and evaluation for the equipment we supply. We currently offer the following equipment for test and evaluation:

Rapid Entering and Boarding Systems (REBS) by H. Henriksen AS – The H. Henriksen REBS family of products is the world leader in boarding equipment. Developed in 2005 by a join initiative between H. Henriksen and the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment REBS equipment is designed to maximize both performance and safety during risky boarding operations. REBS equipment leverages advanced carbon fiber composites and titanium to craft effective, durable, safe, and lightweight boarding solutions. REBS products are used by special forces and SWAT teams world wide. 

REBS offers three distinct product classes: ladders, poles, and launchers. Every product class has numerous options and H. Henriksen offers standard kits to simplify equipment selection or an al a carte option to suit the needs of advanced operators. 

Fixed Ladders:
Carbon Ladder
Tactical Ladder

Telescoping Pole

REBS Launcher
Compact Launcher


PLT by Restech Norway AS – The PLT range of products from Restech offer a safe, cost-effective alternative to conventional, pyrotechnic line throwers. The pneumatic PLT does not require consumable, perishable explosive cartridges so there is no cost to practice or train with the unit. Additionally, there are no sparks or flames so it is safer to use at all time, especially when there may be explosive vapors around, such as in oil and gas environments. The Restech PLT is the only SOLAS approved pneumatic line thrower.

The PLT and PLT mini offer various projectiles for MOB rescue, docking, and line retrieval. The PLT base unit has interchangeable launching tubes depending on the projectile. This configurability means the PLT offers a wide range of projectile options. The PLT is powered by a small air bottle which stores enough compressed air to fire several shots before needing to be refilled. The PLT mini has only one launching tube and can fire a slightly more limited range of projectiles. The PLT mini is powered by 33g CO2 cartridges or can be filled for a single shot from an optional air bottle and adapter. 

Big PLT:
Rescue 230
Rescue 150
Rubber-tip 150
Mooring 75

PLT Mini:
Mini 100
Mini Rubber

Rescue Buoy
Entering Grapple