SPILLRECS: Oil Spill Recovery Systems

The H. Henriksen SPILLRECS product range provides oil spill response professionals with a diverse portfolio of products to recover spilled oil. The SPILLRECS range includes mechanical recovery equipment, sorbent application equipment, and other specialized oil spill cleanup tools.

The SPILLRECS mechanical recover equipment includes the well vetted FoxTail Vertical Adhesion Band (VBA) oil skimmers and the KLK FoxDrum. The FoxTail VBA is a mop type skimmer that uses circulating oleophilic bands to remove spilled oil from the waters surface. The KLK FoxDrum is a drum type skimmer that uses a grooved metal drum to recover heavy weight oils, greases, and waxes, from 10,000 cst. In addition to the skimmers, H. Henriksen is also able to supply transfer pumps, hydraulic power units (HPUs), and temporary oil storage, if necessary, to offer a complete oil recovery package. 

The original FoxTail VBA skimmers were developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (NPCA) in 1984. This initial cooperation resulted in an order of five (5) skimmers. These original skimmers, including the prototype, are still in active use today and subsequently the FoxTail VBA skimmers have become standard equipment across Scandinavia and are in use worldwide. 

The FoxTail VBA models range starts with the FoxTail Mini 1-6, developed in response to the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) oil spill response initiative 2010. The FoxTail mini is a small skimmer, intended for nearshore, harbor, and coastal use, powered by a gas engine, with an oil recovery capacity of 3 m3/hr. The FoxTail Mini can collapse in to a backpack for transportation to remote spill sites and can be operated from a small deck crane or as a free floating unit. Larger FoxTail VBA units have between two (2) and eight (8) mops and recovery rates of between 9m3/hr and 80 m3/hr. The larger FoxTail VBA skimmers are hydraulic powered and hang from a ship or workboat deck crane and are suitable for nearshore, harbor, coastal, and offshore use. All FoxTail skimmers are excellent at dealing with debris and are rated for arctic operation and use in ice infested waters. 

The most recent oil spill cleanup equipment developed by H. Henriksen is the FoxBlower, developed in conjunction with the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA). The FoxBlower is a human portable sorbent broadcasting tool powered by a small gas engine. The FoxBlower aids in dispersal of organic or lose sorbent material for combating nearshore or inland oil spills. The FoxBlower is either equipped with wheels or carrying handles, allowing one or two operator(s) to move the equipment, even across rugged terrain. The blower is capable of broadcasting up to 100 lbs/min of organic sorbents, dramatically speeding up rate of application vs. hand application. 

One potential source of environmental contamination is drifting ships. Approaching and reigning in a drifting ship is a dangerous operation. To improve safety of this potentially risky job H. Henriksen has developed the SeaClaw, a launcher capable of shooting a line grapnel or harpoon into a drifting ship or object or shooting a rescue buoy to a small boat or overboard sailor. 

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