H.Henriksen Safety Quick Release Hooks

Henriksen is a name synonymous with innovation and quality.  For over 100 years Henriksen has been at the forefront of marine safety and development.  Their unique, boat mounted hook system set a new standard for launch and recovery safety.  By moving the hook to a boat mounted position you reduce the operational risk posed by fall wire mounted hooks, ensuring your crew return safely.

Designed for fast rescue crafts, man overboard boats, daughter crafts, Rigid Inflatable Boats, and workboats for weights up to 15000 kg. The hooks are used by offshore, shipping, seismic, and military services, with an excellent track record all over the world. All Henriksen Hooks can be customized to suite your individual needs with remote release for mounting in the wheel-house or close to the steering console, or other options such as swivel joints.

For boats equipped with docking heads, or where the space is limited, Henriksen hooks can be delivered without the normal handle and using only a remote release configuration. We can also deliver a twin system of the hooks for use on work-boats and tenders. Larger hooks can be manufactured and approved at order

Henriksen hooks are approved for use under DNV certifications and US Coast Guard regulations and carry a quality assurance of AQAP120-2/ISO 9002.

We offer the full line of Henriksen hooks and products for every need.  Available from our stock for quick delivery are hooks, lifting rings and mounting bolts, everything you need to deploy with the greatest amount of safety.  We are also able to service and provide inspections on all existing hooks.  Has your hook reached the end of its certification or is it time to replace your Henriksen or other brand boat mounted hook?  Please contact us for details and pricing on the exchange hook program.  We also offer adapter plates for all hook models.

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Single Point Hook w/ IHS System: