Restech Pneumatic Line Throwers

Restech produces top of the line pneumatic line throwers.  Because of their simplicity, efficiency and reliability, the Restech PLT has become the standard for line transfer and a must have for complete safety at sea.  Preferred all over the world among those users who need precise line throwing capabilities with the highest degree of safety, Restech systems are powered only by compressed air, meaning they are safe to use in any environment and in any situation.

Safety and precision are the key with Restech units.  No back fire gases are produced from operation as there are with propulsion driven projectiles.  All projectiles are in free fall flight from launch ensuring straight flight in any wind direction.  And with no sparks, explosives or flames the units are perfectly suited for usage in the oil and gas environment and can be shipped with any type of transportation.

Restech units have an unlimited shelf life with little recurring costs.  Made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, with proper care even original units from twenty four years ago are still in perfect working condition.  With such quality components and no expiration date on the basic components you will be set for years.  And since all units are powered by compressed air there is no cost to operate or train with the units.

The Restech Base unit consist of a built-in air cylinder for filling of compressed air up to 200/300 bars, and is sufficient for 4/6 launches before refilling is necessary, and can easily be filled from diving or BA-equipment.  The model of the unit is defined by the various launching tubes and projectiles, making the base unit a multipurpose tool.  For example, if you have a PLT 75, it is easy to upgrade to the SOLAS compliant R230, without having to purchase a whole new system.

Current Restech users include Coast Guards, Ferries and Cruisers, Police and Fire departments, Sea Rescue Organizations, Marine Special forces, Navies, Ocean Research, and Offshore (Oil and Gas) Operations.  Specific users in the United States include The New York Police Department, NOAA, the United States Navy, and various other GeoSeismic and Offshore Companies.

Scan Pacific NW maintains a stock of demo Restech PLT equipment. Contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at +1 (425) 355-4652 to arrange a test and evaluation the Restech PLT or PLT mini. 

Restech Full Catalog
PLT R230
PLT 150
PLT 75
PLT Line Retrieval
PLT Mini Complete
PLT Mini Rescue Pack

Parts Catalogues:
Parts Catalogue PLT
Parts Catalogue PLT Mini