Vestdavit - Parts & Service

We offer full support for all of your Vestdavit system needs.  If you need a pressure gauge, an accumulator or an onsite Tech Rep we will get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We keep a full complement of commonly needed items in stock at our location just north of Seattle for quick assistance and distribution around North America.  By working closely with Vestdavit we are able to ensure that your needs are met in the best possible way.

Our tech reps have also been trained and certified by Vestdavit and have over twenty years of experience, so you know when they arrive the job will be done right.

Please contact us at 425-355-4652 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Vestdavit - Hooks

Vestdavit hooks are the safe, reliable and simple choice for launching and recovery of your daughter craft.  Designed for use with a sling or a fixed eye, the hook is also designed with a handle for easy control of connection and wire lanyard to activate the release trigger.

Vestdavit LB-Hooks are certified Safety hook and come in sizes from 1.5-10 ton.

Approvals: Complies with SOLAS, NMD and USCG regulations

Each hook is stamped with a serial number and delivered with a test certificate, certified by The Marine Equipment Directive.

LB10S Hook
Wedge Lock

Vestdavit - Telescopic Davits

Vestdavit’s Telescopic Systems are state of the art, employing the latest in marine technology to achieve maximum efficiency and safety by meeting the most current SOLAS safety requirements.  Ideal for all ships designed for hull integrated storage of RHIBS and launch vessels and available in both single and dual point systems.

In the United States, Vestdavit Telescopic Davit Systems are currently being installed on the new LCS class of naval ship.

Telescopic Single Point Single Arm System
Telescopic Electric Single Point All electric version of the single arm system
Telescopic H-Type Dual Point Telescopic System for specialized launch and recovery
Multi Handling Telescopic Single Point for launch and recovery of multiple craft
Multi Purpose Telescopic Davit


Vestdavit - Dual Point Davits

Vestdavit’s Dual Point Davits provide top of the line reliability, and are suitable for both workboats and lifeboats.  Characterized by its compact design, the standard H frame davit has frame-integrated equipment and features with system options such as independent self tension system and dual winches with automatic self leveling.

HN-Type Dual Winch System
H-Type Lifeboats

Vestdavit HN-10000:

Vestdavit - Single Point Davits

Vestdavit’s Single Point davits set the standard for excellence in single point launch and recovery.  Introduced in the 1980’s and in use ever since, the design has a proven record of reliability and ease of use.  With proper care, these davits will last many years just like those still in use today.

Vestdavit offers many options in the single point category and can specialize any offering to meet your unique requirements.

Vestdavit Single Point Systems can be found on Naval Vessels around the world, including the US Navy’s LCS, CG and CVN class ships and German, Swedish and Australian naval vassals.  They are also in use by almost every other vassal class currently sailing the seas, from seismic to research, including Western Geco and the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

PL-Type Low weight and compact design, ideal for ferries, supply or merchant vessels
PLR- Type, PLR Type, Skid Version Ideal for larger vessels, such as Navy or Offshore
PLRS- Type  Ideal for larger Navy or Offshore vessels with space requirements
PLRS - 3600
PLR NORSOK, PLR-8001 Approved for Hazardous zone 1
PLR-14000 Work Boat Davit with Dual Boat Stowage
CL- TYPE  “Heavy duty” single point system
PLAR  Light weight system, skid mounted for quick and easy install
PAPH 3 axes compensated system, Compact Design, and control of MOB in all deck positions.
PLR-10002 Special Davit for Seismic Work Boats
PAP Type Compact Design for MOBs
L-Davit Compact Davit System for rafts

Vestdavit Davit Systems

Vestdavit designs, supplies, and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Its range of boat handling systems and davits are the first choice of navies, coast guards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities, and offshore operators who need to be able to operate small boats safely from larger vessels.

Since 1975, Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied over 1,800 davits and side and stern launch systems. We have proven ourselves for over more than 30 years use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world.

Self-tensioning and shock absorbing systems ensure crew safety and widen the operational window for the users. Vestdavit’s key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of its equipment.

We can help you achieve your goals, whatever your launching and recovery needs.

Please contact us for more information or browse some of the standard davit options.